Kinship: Vengeance

version one


Hello, and thank you for visiting! Kinship is a play-by-post roleplaying game which utilizes Boards2Go for posting. Our first official version after three Betas launched December 13, 2020!


About this version!

Kinship is set in an isolated island country on a fantasy planet; it is a mixed-genre and mixed-era environment featuring magic, mythical creatures, and advanced tech. There are two races to pick from - either the shapeshifting, magic-wielding Beasts or the politically powerful, technology-adept humans - which each come with a supernatural companion, Shades for Beasts or Spirits for humans. There are tons of character development options; various opportunities to explore and experience the world; and the ability to forever leave your mark on the site through discoveries, feedback, and in-game participation! Learn more about what we have to offer by clicking "Enter!" above; if you like what you see please make sure to bookmark this page as all future layouts will link from here. :)

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