Kinship Beta Version 3 is underway!
Kinship BV2 closed on June 26th, 2020 so we could focus our third and final beta, which comes with a brand new setting, plot, and systems! V3 has been coming along nicely and is relatively close to completion now, but there is not a target reopening date quite yet as we still have a few things to finalize (namely four databases and some tweaks and updates to some of the mini-games we offer completed mini games July 26th). Below is a little sneak peek to some of the changes we've incorporated this version, if you're interested be sure to bookmark this page (all versions will link from here). Signe is available on Discord at signe#9996 if you'd like her to notify you when it's open! Need something fun that's ready now? We highly recommend the amazing Shaman! Our advertising board will also remain open throughout the revamp. :)

Sneak Peek! Updated July 13th
Kinship is set in an isolated island country on a fantasy planet; it is a mixed-genre and mixed-era environment featuring magic, mythical creatures, and steampunk-like advanced tech. There are two races to pick from - either the shapeshifting, magic-wielding Beasts or the politically powerful, technology-adept humans - which each come with a supernatural companion, Shades for Beasts or Spirits for humans. There are tons of character development options; various opportunities to explore and experience the world; and the ability to forever leave your mark on the site through discoveries, feedback, and in-game participation!
pic by Vladimir Fedotov @