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Inbox Board

This board is for direct communication with Kinship's staff, it's a place to get special permissions, ask questions, provide feedback, and more!
Don't forget you can also contact the owner, Signe, direct via Discord at signe#9969!

Things that may be posted here include...
* Questions, suggestions, or feedback regarding a feature, event, or the game itself.
* Requests to change a randomly generated prize.
* Special requests, like for events, quests, or character-specific wants/needs.
* Submission of a new Beast clan or Human school.
* Submission of a new NPC/Adoptable.
* Satisfaction/feature surveys.
* Open staff positions & applications.

Signe will reply as quickly & frequently as possible depending on RL commitments and other factors.
If you need to change out items; buy something; or turn in a quest, use the Updates board instead!

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