Kinship: Vengeance

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This site was created by Signe and is heavily based on the world in her upcoming novel series.
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This site would not exist without the constant help, support, and advice from Aspelta, Renny, and the amazing humans over at Shaman. We highly recommend their site!

Some features were inspired by Revelations, the now-closed RPG created by Fennic & Rocket (2015 - 2017). Some of the features were created at that time in cooperation with Revelations staff & members, and special thanks must be given to Aspelta, Bab, Cali, Cas, Edel, Elvin, Finch, Kate, Newt, Renny, Rocket, and Tomska in particular!

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This site is dedicated to the loving memory of Simon; Dad; Omi & Gramps; and Gramzy & Pa.
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