Kinship: Vengeance

version one


Kinship is a play-by-post roleplaying game set in the isolated island country of Ognos, on the fantasy planet Kinship. We welcome all players regardless of skill level, muse frequency, or available time; we aim for a chill, laid-back environment that you can hop in and out of as the mood suits. Just some of the features we have to offer include two separate player races (the shapeshifting, magic-wielding Beasts or politically powerful, technology-adept humans) which can each bond with a specific type of familiar-like magical beings, called Spirits (who bond with humans) and Shades (who bond with Beasts); tons of character development options; various opportunities to explore and experience the world; and the ability to forever leave your mark on the site through discoveries, feedback, and in-game participation. Please take a look around and see if we may be a good fit - we'd love to write with you!

If you're interested in what we have to offer, check out our Sitewide Plot below to see what's happening this version and this post on the Chat board to see how you can get involved; everything else you'll need to know to get going can be found in the Begin section. Once you've read over all the guides there, you're ready to Join - don't forget to stop by and say hi on the Chat Board! If you want to take a deep dive into established lore, we've got a few resources going in the Lexicon - players can help flesh out these guides through a variety of catalysts and in-game events. If you have ideas, feedback, or suggestions (or if you're a fellow RPG looking to become affiliates), let us know by posting on the Inbox!

Site Statistics

This is our first official (non-Beta) version, opened on Dec 13, 2020.
We are currently home to 6 players, 17 characters, and 9 Bonded.
Previous Versions: Beta 1 (Nov 26, 2019 - Apr 11, 2020); Beta 2 (Apr 11 - June 26, 2020); Beta 3 (June 26 - Dec 13, 2020)

Current Site Plot

We realized it far too late. A strange being has wandered Ognos these past three years, spreading chaos and Blight in its wake, and we trembled but we did not see. We were shaken to our very core, our lives disrupted. Some fled while others geared up for war, but both found their efforts largely fruitless. No single force could stop the giant, that much was clear. So for the first time, after so many years of bloodshed and strife, the Beasts and Humans became allies against a common foe, and all across the country unlikely alliances were formed for protection, for safety, for hope.

When the titan disappeared as suddenly and as silently as it'd come we breathed a sigh of relief, and still we were blind. We told ourselves we'd passed the test the gods had put before us: the fragile peace between the two races had held. Until our eyes were ripped open against our will, the horrible truth so cruelly revealed: the giant's presence was just the beginning, nothing but a mindless, monstrous herald of what was to come.

This next foe is so much fiercer, so much smarter. It does not stride mindless across open fields and desolate plains, a passive disruption one might, eventually, learn to live with. Oh no, no, we are not so lucky this time: this thing has wings, and teeth, and the savage intelligence of an apex predator to which we are a mere rung on the foodchain.

We don't know if there is just one or if there are many, for attacks and sightings have been reported in all five territories. If only we knew what it was, perhaps we would know how to fight it, how to kill it. Maybe we could end its reign of terror before something worse happens... But to know it we must see it, and to see it is to die a gruesome death. We are helpless, hopeless, and afraid.

Commoner and noble, Beast and Human, Shade and Spirit, this creature weighs heavy on all our minds. But for some among us it is an oppressive cloak of iron, a collar growing ever-tighter about their throats. Because they know something the rest of us don't: about the goddess raging in her prison in the sea. They know the locks are coming undone.

They know, of course, because they were the ones who put her there...
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